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Villa Romana


10 anni di Open Studios

sabato 2 settembre 2017, dalle ore 17.00 alle ore 24.00

via Senese 68, Firenze

Villa Romana Fellows 2017:
Andrea Bellu/Matei Bellu, Carina Brandes, Kasia Fudakowski, Stefan Pente, Farkhondeh Shahroudi


In the exhibition rooms: 
Giuseppe Chiari, All Music is the same 
works from the Block Collection


Other projects in the house:
Bassel Al Saadi, Nicholas Vargelis, Mélanie Enrager, Wilhelm Klotzek


In the garden:
Nicholas Vargelis, Untitled (A Theater Without Theater, or How to Light the Lights), 2017, installation and performance
Philipp Plath, Purgatorio, 2016, 300’, video installation 
Dagmar Varady, Rough, 2017, 11’ screening
Azin Feizabadi, GOL-HA, 2005, 10’30”, screening
Giacomo Zaganelli, la grande griglia, 2017
Gaetano Cunsolo, As night falls…Ill start to build, 2017, performance 
Anna Aurigi, music performance
Tremolino Bar


Big Bass & Roi Yeli (Mali/ Senegal/ Florence)
Baal & Mortimer with Chris Filippini (Berlin)
DJ Janosch Ulm (Berlin)



5.30 pm
Guided tour with Angelika Stepken

6.59 pm 
Kasia Fudakowski, This is not a Performance, 2014

7 pm 
Opening of the exhibition with René Block
Giuseppe Chiari, All Music is the same
(Radio Papesse: Audio interviews)

8 pm
Carina Brandes with Fränze Hoppe, 15’, performance

9 pm
Mélanie Enrager, look what they've done to my song, 1998 -, 7’, performance 

9.15 pm
Farkhondeh Shahroudi, mountains so high stone saw no stone, seas so deep water no water saw, moon always glittered, 45‘,performance

10 pm
Wilhelm Klotzek, Puppet Theatre, 30‘ 

10.30 pm 
Big Bass & Roi Yeli, concert

11 pm 
Baal & Mortimer with Chris Filippini, concert
Kasia Fudakowski, A One Hour Wine Tree (British drinking culture in a Florentine garden), performance

12 pm 
DJ Janosch Ulm

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