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Arte e Design: tra opere e oggetti

Metropolitan Voids Agency.

Margherita Moscardini in conversazione su Arte e Design

Conversazione con Francesca Tosi e Paolo di Nardo, Università di Firenze

Margherita Moscardini


DESIGN Campus, Calenzano, Firenze 

25 ottobre 2018 

ore 17.30

Metropolitan Void Agency è un progetto fotografico che inizia a Manhattan nel 2015 con lo scopo di documentare i vuoti urbani delle metropoli contemporanee in tutto il mondo. All'interno delle aree metropolitane a più alta densità, il vuoto urbano è sovversivo.


Margherita Moscardini

She investigates relationships between transformation processes of urban, social and natural orders belonging to specific geographies. Her practice favors process and long-term projects including large-scale interventions, drawings, writings, scale models, and video. 

For the past few years, she has studied refugee camps as cities to be rethought as virtuous urban models. Moscardini currently works on Al Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan, which emerged in 2012 in a desert area near the Syrian border. 

Moscardini studied art in Bologna, Italy. She attended the ACVA, Ratti Foundation, Como, Italy, with Yona Friedman, and was a research fellow in 2015 of the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University, New York. Moscardini has developed projects in Istanbul, Italy, Seoul, and across the European Atlantic coast;her work has been exhibited in institutions likethe ISCP, New York; MAXXI Foundation, Rome; SongEun ArtSpace, Seoul; Palazzo Reale, Milan, etc. 

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